Some Of My Favorite Pebble Faces

There are hundreds of faces you can upload to your Pebble Smart Watch. I rotate mine on a regular basis, depending on my mood or what my plans are for the day. Glance’s interface is my go-to Pebbleface, but here are some of my other favorites. No Doc! – I designed and uploaded this watchface, […]

Pebble Skins? Yes Please!

I just discovered you can skin your Pebble watch. I choose black because I work in an environment that sometimes requires me to meet with advertisers, clients, and other business professionals. I really like Hoover’s orange watch, but I can’t pull it off :/ But today I discovered a handful of Pebble Skin providers. Most […]

Pebble On The Run

As a runner, I was pretty psyched to find out that my new Pebble would integrate with the phone running app, RunKeeper. I usually use my phone to track my runs (distance, time, pace, etc), but it can sometimes be a bit of a pain with my arm band. If I have to pause a […]

More Than Meets The Eye!

I keep finding new uses for my Pebble. Case in point, to locate my phone after misplacing it a couple nights ago. Now although the Pebble does offer a find my phone app, I opted for a less sophisticated yet very effective method of simply turning on my music from the watch. Phone found! Now […]

“Why yes, it’s a Pebble”

My fiance and I both have fairly large families so there is a LOT of celebrating around the holidays. That means family and friends that you either rarely see (be that good or bad) and a lot of awkward moments of fumbled conversation.  Let’s face it, you can only talk about football and how things […]

Wired Features Wearable Tech

One of my favorite magazines, Wired, recently had a feature article on wearable tech. Of course new product lines such as Google Glasses were a major topic, but smart watches also took center stage. If you aren’t familiar with Wired, they are one of the industry leaders in all things that are geek. They were […]

Hide the phone, not the watch

Anytime it rains, I intuitively make sure my phone is protected from the elements. As most of us know, water and smart phones do NOT mix. With all this rain lately, I naturally find myself also trying to protect Pebble from getting wet. But I have to keep reminding myself that the Pebble is water […]

Starting a Trend

I am actually the only one of us that already has a Pebble. That is where I got the idea to outfit the entire crew with Pebble watches and have us all talk about them. As I wear my Pebble, people are always asking about it. This thing gets TONS of attention. I also have […]

Such a Cool Invention

I’m very excited to receive my pebble. Such a cool invention. Being a radio DJ, we are always getting calls, texts, emails, notifications from social media. Hopefully this can make balancing all things so much easier. I’m very stoked to get my Pebble. Opening my Pebble, such a proud moment. I don’t know how else […]

Glance for Pebble

I found my new favorite app for Pebble – GLANCE. If you don’t have it, get it! So far it is my absolute favorite app (that is until I find a new one tomorrow). With Glance, I can easily check the weather on my Pebble’s home screen. I can also configure the app to show […]

We’re getting PEBBLES?!?!

“We’re getting PEBBLES?!? Are you serious?!” I believe those were my exact words when Dave said we were getting hooked up with this incredible device. I had been wanting one and was super stoked! My first impression out of the box was how sleek the body of the watch looked. A beautiful watch. The pairing […]


I’ve always appreciated those who took the time to share their experiences during a product unboxing and set up. So I want to pay it forward and share my Pebble unboxing experience. The packaging is nice and clean, to me it has an Apple vibe. Around the packaging is a plastic protective wrap, which is […]