A Self Professed Watch Geek

I’m not sure my exact words are printable but its safe to say I was way excited! As a self professed watch geek, I opted for the black band with the grey face because it looked like it would be the most adaptable to both work and more casual after work. The setup with my Droid RAZR was super simple. I can hardly wait to get this puppy revved up!

Holy crap! This thing is awesome!! I love tech. I love watches. Ergo, I’m in love with with the Pebble! I’d seen Dave with his Pebble before we got ours and thought “I’d love to take a crack at that.” Since I’ve had my chance, its been well worth it! Reading texts and changing faces make the Pebble awesome, but its also just scratching the surface. Updating mine with weather, my schedule, taking pics from my phone with my Pebble (that’s what I said)…I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything it won’t be able to do!