Wired Features Wearable Tech

One of my favorite magazines, Wired, recently had a feature article on wearable tech. Of course new product lines such as Google Glasses were a major topic, but smart watches also took center stage.

If you aren’t familiar with Wired, they are one of the industry leaders in all things that are geek. They were one of the first mainstream media outlets to announced the 3D printer revolution. If you love technology, do yourself a favor and buy a subscription to Wired.

Wired predicts that wearable technology will take shape MUCH faster than the mobile revolution that preceded it. Sensors and chips sets are now cheaper than ever. Also wearable technology piggybacks on the innovations of the smartphone, it’s not trying to reinvent it. This is making it easy for smaller companies and startups (like Pebble) to drive this revolution. We are no longer dependent on large (dare I say bloated) companies like Apple, Motorola, Samsung to drive the show. Now fellow geeks and tiny companies can dream up, build, and sell wearable technology.