Starting a Trend

I am actually the only one of us that already has a Pebble. That is where I got the idea to outfit the entire crew with Pebble watches and have us all talk about them. As I wear my Pebble, people are always asking about it. This thing gets TONS of attention.

I also have to admit. I bought the Pebble as a toy, and because I love watches. I find myself buying a new watch every couple of months (I never actually NEED one). But, the Pebble changed everything. Not only do I get to change my watch faces regularly (which keeps me from wanting a new watch) but I also now find myself needing this watch. I hate when I accidentally leave it at home. Now that I am used to getting my texts, emails, Facebook chats and updates on my watch without having to always pull out my phone, there is now way I could live without it. This thing is a total lifesaver in meeting! No more seeming rude while you look at your phone! Now I think I want an orange one!

I recommend the Pebble to anyone that wants something fun, simple, stylish, and keeps a watch and gadget lover busy and occupied for hours on end!