Some Of My Favorite Pebble Faces

There are hundreds of faces you can upload to your Pebble Smart Watch. I rotate mine on a regular basis, depending on my mood or what my plans are for the day. Glance’s interface is my go-to Pebbleface, but here are some of my other favorites. No Doc! – I designed and uploaded this watchface, […]

Pebble Skins? Yes Please!

I just discovered you can skin your Pebble watch. I choose black because I work in an environment that sometimes requires me to meet with advertisers, clients, and other business professionals. I really like Hoover’s orange watch, but I can’t pull it off :/ But today I discovered a handful of Pebble Skin providers. Most […]

Wired Features Wearable Tech

One of my favorite magazines, Wired, recently had a feature article on wearable tech. Of course new product lines such as Google Glasses were a major topic, but smart watches also took center stage. If you aren’t familiar with Wired, they are one of the industry leaders in all things that are geek. They were […]

Hide the phone, not the watch

Anytime it rains, I intuitively make sure my phone is protected from the elements. As most of us know, water and smart phones do NOT mix. With all this rain lately, I naturally find myself also trying to protect Pebble from getting wet. But I have to keep reminding myself that the Pebble is water […]

Glance for Pebble

I found my new favorite app for Pebble – GLANCE. If you don’t have it, get it! So far it is my absolute favorite app (that is until I find a new one tomorrow). With Glance, I can easily check the weather on my Pebble’s home screen. I can also configure the app to show […]


I’ve always appreciated those who took the time to share their experiences during a product unboxing and set up. So I want to pay it forward and share my Pebble unboxing experience. The packaging is nice and clean, to me it has an Apple vibe. Around the packaging is a plastic protective wrap, which is […]