Such a Cool Invention

I’m very excited to receive my pebble. Such a cool invention. Being a radio DJ, we are always getting calls, texts, emails, notifications from social media. Hopefully this can make balancing all things so much easier. I’m very stoked to get my Pebble.

Opening my Pebble, such a proud moment. I don’t know how else to say it. Something many have never seen and I have one. It’s like for better words, a toy. One that is for adults. As a teenager, I was like i don’t know about that. I’m not much a watch wearer, I mean I have an iPhone, why do I need a watch? But it’s actually really cool. Checking texts while busy, answering calls, and even changing music on it. I can’t wait to cater it to my needs. While looking at all the colors, I picked a slick orange one. It’s definitely an eye catcher.

Now that I’ve customized my Pebble, I’m so happy with it. I got a really cool Star Wars storm trooper and cross bones watch face. I’ve made it vibrate to wake me in the morning, and let me tell you this vibrate is no joke. It WILL wake you.I love my Pebble. I would recommend to this to anyone, old, young it doesn’t matter. The Pebble is awesome.