Some Of My Favorite Pebble Faces

There are hundreds of faces you can upload to your Pebble Smart Watch. I rotate mine on a regular basis, depending on my mood or what my plans are for the day. Glance’s interface is my go-to Pebbleface, but here are some of my other favorites.

No Doc! – I designed and uploaded this watchface, so I’m a little biased.

Tetris – Yes you can actually play tetris on the home screen.

Futura Weather 2 — I like the clean look and weather.

Homer Simpson – Can’t go wrong with the Simpsons.

Simplicity Plus — A slight modification to the standard Simplicity watchface.

91 Weather — A few more details than the Futura Weather face

Steam Boat Willy – My kid’s favorite.

Mario Time — For the kid in me.

Back To The Future — A little hard to read at a glance, but still a favorite.

Adventure Time – just because it’s a great show.

Drupal – for the Open Source coders out there.