Pebble On The Run


As a runner, I was pretty psyched to find out that my new Pebble would integrate with the phone running app, RunKeeper. I usually use my phone to track my runs (distance, time, pace, etc), but it can sometimes be a bit of a pain with my arm band. If I have to pause a workout mid-run, you’ve got to get it out of its sleeve, turn on the screen and pause it…all while sweating and panting (a sexy visual, I know).  Enter the seamless integration between the Pebble and RunKeeper. All of a runner’s necessary vital stats are displayed right there on your Pebble and can be paused with the touch of a button. Boom! Plus as you run your texts will show up on your Pebble so you won’t miss anything important. Did I mention the RunKeeper app is free? Yep. The awesomeness of the Pebble continues to grow.